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Where can I buy crawler chassis and bodies?

Shop for RC Crawlers -> Amain Hobbies

Shipping and Returns:

We offer USPS First Class or Priority shipping in the U.S. Most items ship within 1-2 days. Returns accepted on unused items. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. 

How do I get a 11.4" wheelbase for my Mojave II Two Door, Blazer, or 4Runner?

SCX10ii, SSDRC, Vanquish: Use Axial links (p/n AX31466)

Element Enduro: Use Element links (p/n ASC42044) with Traxxas short rod ends (p/n 5347)

Traxxas TRX4: Requires custom rear links

How do I correct a 12.3" wheelbase for my Mojave II Four Door or Toyota XtraCab?

Use 12.3" stock rear links with Traxxas long rod ends (p/n 5525)

What modifications do I need to fit my hard body interior?

Interiors will require cutting to clear the transmission. It will be necessary to relocate the factory ESC, receiver, and battery.


What modifications do I need to fit my rear shock towers?

Holes must be made in the bed to clear the rear shock towers. Cantilever shocks, or shorter shocks are other options.


What size tires will fit?

Most hardbodies will fit up to 4.19 tires without trimming the fender wells.